Top 4 mistakes to avoid for good SEO feature

Top 4 mistakes to avoid for good SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is never an easy task to undertake, which is why knowing which mistakes to avoid for good SEO is vital. For any website, be it personal or business, to be successful it will take a lot of research and practice in SEO. Even then, some of the most common mistakes […]

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How to make a successful landing page - feat

Make a more successful landing page

A landing page is an essential part of increasing your conversions and earning new clients, and that is why you need to make it successful. We cannot tell you how frustrating it is seeing a great advertising campaign that leads to an unfulfilling landing page. This type of situation leads to a high bounce rate […]

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How to use WebP images on WordPress

An introduction to WebP images on WordPress.

The goal for wanting to use WebP images on WordPress, or any website, it to have higher quality images that weigh less on your website. It is these images that make your business website as enjoyable as it is. Improving that can boost your client’s user experience (UX) and can promote your products so much […]

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HTTP error codes explained and fixed - feature

WordPress HTTP error codes explained and fixed

When your website starts to lose function due to HTTP error codes, it becomes your number one priority to get them fixed. They can be very frustrating on both the website owner and users’ side which can lead to an increased bounce rate and decreased user experience (UX). Google and other search engines too do […]

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Improve your Business WordPress Website Security

Improve your business WordPress website security

As one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMSs) available, making a business website on WordPress is fun, easy and has reasonable out of the box security.   There’s a reason why so many people choose WordPress for their business which stands for its reliability and SEO capabilities. This doesn’t make it perfect; no website is. That is why it is important […]

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Why you should keep your Brand Identity consistent social

Why you should keep your Brand Identity consistent

Brand identity and the way you keep it consistent is important for your business strategies to be successful. When your company’s clients are repeatedly exposed to the same core message and visuals, it strengthens your brand and makes more loyal clients. Today, one of the first business to client interactions is online with your website or your social media, so you must make […]

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AI can improve your business website

How AI can improve your business website in 2020

Artificial intelligence, AI) was once fiction but now a reality and it can be used to improve your business website and we are going to talk about how. There’s a large chance that you are already using AI right now without even knowing it. Search engines use AI to improve your search results and other sites you visit may have […]

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Optimizing images for your business website

The how and why of optimizing images for your website

In this article, we will discuss optimizing images for your business website. For a website to be successful, it needs to be engaging and images are a very important part of that. By having a visually appealing website, we reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. High-quality images with large file sizes can, unfortunately, do the complete opposite. There is a way […]

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Create website content that will get noticed

Creating content is one of the most important parts of any website. Whether it be the end goal of your client’s journey or what leads to a sale, you need content that will grab attention. This will keep your potential client on your page longer and guide them to where you want them to be.  To start, you need a […]

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5 principles of web design

5 Principles of Good Website Design

The success of a business website is all in its design, that is why it is important to cover the basic principles. Every element on your website plays a role in your client’s journey and it may be the very first thing they see related to your company. That is why websites have become our company’s online face and good website design is what makes your first impression count.  To talk about the principles of website design means to take a look at everything that makes a website work. To begin, we will ask ourselves, “what does the client want when they […]

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